Welcome to the City of Pleasure!

Public sale

Nice to meet you – I’m your sexy Angel!

I can be your friend, your lover, your secretary, or whatever you want me to be. And, most importantly, I can bring you passive income!

Play the NaftyVerse game and earn daily Nafty Token rewards!

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Nice to meet you

Nafty Angels

A collection of 1696 randomly generated sexy waifu with 11 traits, developed based on artificial intelligence, living on the ETH Blockchain.

Nafty Angels

Nafty Angel is not just an NFT, she is an Artificial Intelligence, ready to interact with you and satisfy your more intimate wishes!

Nafty Angel evolves and learns from your tastes and adapts to your needs.

Her neuronal network is trained by hundreds of Reddit posts, erotic and romantic novels, online forums, and NSFW material.

Nafty Angel can generate income by working as strip dancer in our Strip clubs, Cam model in the cam studio or perform in adult firm – all inside our metaverse game!

Owning a Nafty angel will turn you into an Angel Master and grant you access to our community, generate earnings and a never-ending list of utilities that come with many advantages and benefits.

NFT, AI, Metaverse and Blockchain technology are a breakthrough that will change how we do things and give us the opportunity to live our wildest fantasies.

Our goal is to create a complete ecosystem for the adult industry! We have already successfully completed the development and launch of our erotic NFT marketplace - NaftyArt.com We are going to build our own play & earn game Nafty Verse, and expand it into our own Metaverse!

Mint Information

Total Sale 1696 NFT

Become a Nafty Master - own your own
Nafty Angel!

1 NFT - 1 BNB

Phase 1

Whitelist Presale for Loyal Nafty Holders & Early Nafty Angels supporters!

1 NFT - 0.1 ETH

Phase 2

Whitelist presale for Nafty Token Holders (500k + tokens) & Whitelisted Members! Win a whitelist spot!

1 NFT - 0.125 ETH

Phase 3

Public Sale - Sold out!

1 NFT - 0.135 ETH

Our Angels Bring you
Passive Nafty Income!

Choose your occupation in the Nafty Verse Game and Start Earning Nafty Tokens Rewards! Each staked NFT will receive Nafty tokens as a reward.

Attention! Carefully check the rating of your NFT.

The higher the rating, the more passive nafty token rewards you will receive!

Our Angels

Nafty Verse

NFT Drop coming soon

Explore Nafty Verse Play & Earn game!

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Nafty Verse


Masters will enjoy all the following benefits!

Ability to "stake" the NFT and generate more revenues in Nafty City.
Ownership of Nafty Angel for private chat and interaction.
Ruffle for VirtualMate machines.
Nafty Rewards in Tokens that are worth money and generate passive revenues.
Exclusive merchandise for the holders of the NFTs.
Private access to the private club & events.
Participation in Adult events (xBiz, AVN)
Nafty Parties hosted for NFT holders
Participate (observation only) in adult movies.
Participating in Ruffles awith NAFTY tokens.
DAO - Votes rights to decide the direction of the project!
And lots more!

Nafty Angels Super Power



Play & earn utility, voting rights.



Lifetime membership to Nafty.tv or Naftybabes.com.



Lifetime membership to Nafty.tv and Naftybabes.com.



Exclusive access to parties & events.



All of the above + Special utility with the models!

Nafty Celebrities

Our Team

Georgi Dimitrov

Georgi Dimitrov


He will be the project manager of Nafty Angels, making sure that everything is done as promised and on time! And most importantly, make sure that the marketing of the project is successful!

Franz Fischbach

Franz Fischbach


The tech guy! He will be responsible for managing the IT team building the Nafty City game.

Alexander Sanchez

Alexander Sanchez

Community manager

Functional expertise in the blockchain industry with background to manage relationships and work productively with others, always prepared to take individual initiative.

Slavyana Dimitrova

Slavyana Dimitrova

Social Media Manager
Jeffrey Dillon

Jeffrey Dillon




IT Team

Front end, back end developers and designers!


Our plans to take over the Adult Industry!

Launch of Nafty Token!


Launch of Naftyart.com – The first erotic NFT marketplace, Nafty Branded!


Launch of Nafty.tv & Naftybabes.com – Our own Nafty branded Erotic Websites!


Launch of NaftyPay.com – Our own Payment API to facilitate payments with Nafty Token!


Launch of Nafty.me – Our own Nafty Social Network with Monetization & Marketing tools for creators!


Launch of NaftyMerch.com – Our own Nafty Brand Merchandise Website!

What others promise to develop & deliver in their Roadmap, we already have prior to start of our NFT project!

Chapter 1
Vision & Mission – 20%

To create limitless environment of financial and sexual freedom for our community where all their fantasies can come true while generating active and passive income.

Mission Statement

To became the most active, biggest and wealthiest adult community where our holders can achieves their financial and sexual fantasies both in the virtual world and in real life.

Chapter 2
Build Community – 40%

To us, the community is the most important aspect of the project and it always comes first. Our long-term goal is to make sure that owning our NFT will bring you huge benefits not only from a financial standpoint but also from a utility perspective! Therefore, we aim to make the mint as successful as possible in order to achieve our goal! In addition, we work hard to achieve the highest quality and value of the project as possible! We will announce final our drop release date and presale once we are completely satisfied with the projects quality and technical aspects!

Chapter 3
Achieving our targets – 60%

We will achieve our targets this through:

  • Providing high-quality artwork NFTs, content and play 2 earn metaverse.
  • Building strong community by having engaged team members and listening to community feedback & ideas.
  • Promoting the project to relevant potential members.
  • Providing a caring environment by listen to our community needs and achieved them.
  • Organizing metaverse and real life parties and events to enable holders to live their fantasies and build stronger community.
  • Collaborating with influencers & celebrities & other partners to increase the value of the project and holders success!
  • Developing and valuing our team members celebrating what we achieve together.
  • Keep anonymous environment to who want it.
  • Continuing to build and develop the Nafty Ecosystem. We have our own NFT marketplace – NaftyArt.com, our own Social Network- Nafty.me, our own erotic websites – Nafty.tv and NaftyBabes.com, our own Payment Solution – NaftyPay!
Chapter 4
Voting, Funding & Breeding – 80%

We are dedicated to finding the best projects in the NFT sphere and 18+ NFT project ideas of our holders! Our project team and community can vote and decide the next NFT projects in the ecosystem! All holders will have voting rights where we can decide the future of the Nafty project together. What is more, you will need 2 Nafty Angels NFTs to breed a second generation Nafty NFT collection!

Chapter 5
NaftyVerse Play & Earn! -100%

Nafty Angel NFT is your ticket to 18+ Metaverse and our play & earn game that will bring you passive Nafty token income! Find out more on NaftyVerse.com

End of Part 1
Nafty Angels all over the world!

We are going to make your NFT value go to the moon! We will be organizing mass marketing campaigns, PR, parties, events and collaborations with famous influencers & celebrities. All this has one goal! To reward our holders for & effort in helping us achieve our Mission & Vision.

Part 2

To be Announced!


You can mint your Nafty Angel directly from the http://naftyangels.com/ website! The secondary market sales will be held on https://opensea.io/

We have decided to make our sale in three phases.

The first phase will be exclusive for loyal nafty token holders. Nafty token holders have supported the project over an year and we will reward them with an opportunity to mint on pre-sale if they hold over 500,000 Nafty Tokens in their wallet.

The second phase will be for whitelisted spots. It will enable supporters of the project to mint in advance of the Public sale & avoid gas fees war.

Whitelist Pre-Sale (Phase 1) – 0.1 ETH

Whitelist Pre-Sale (Phase 2) – 0.125 ETH

Whitelist Pre-Sale (Phase 3) – 0.135 ETH

Whitelist Pre-Sale (Phase 1) – 0.1 ETH

Whitelist Pre-Sale (Phase 2) – 0.125 ETH

Whitelist Pre-Sale (Phase 3) – 0.135 ETH

In your wallet, on Opensea, and in the NaftyVerse game!
There is no limit per wallet. However, you cannot mint more than 1 Nafty Angel per transaction.

Firstly, there is a limited amount of Angels that will be minted so the floor price of the project can rise.

Secondly, you can use your Nafty Angel to play the Nafty Verse game and get daily rewards of Nafty Tokens, which you can exchange for BNB!

The secondary market of the project is https://opensea.io/
Etherium blockchain
10%. To be used to purchase Nafty Tokens and add them to the Play & Earn budget
It is a play & earn game, where you can stake your Nafty Angels and get Nafty Token rewards!

You can read about Nafty City Game here:

Nafty Verse
Yes! You can purchase a property, which will be much more expensive than the Nafty Angels NFT, but will bring you much higher rewards and ROI!

Yes, you can view it on our website:


The team that made Nafty Token a success!

See the Team

Yes, there will be a presale!

Yes of course! We have a variety of interesting giveaways! Check our Discord channel to find the latest!